Vaginal Tightening Bolton

Vaginal Tightening Bolton

Vaginal Tightening Bolton, Greater Manchester

Through HIFU technology we are able to use powerful ultrasound energy which targets the inner layers of the vaginal tissue through thermal heating. Thermal energy will aid in the production of collagen and improved elasticity.

The HIFU vaginal tightening wand consists of a two phase approach. Our midwife practitioner will gently insert the wand then the wand will carry out a full 360 through the vaginal canal to ensure the full length of the vagina is treated. A second attachment is then inserted which will repeat the process.

The two phases ensure that the deeper muscle layer is treated along side treating the upper vaginal layers, the skin and mucosa. The movement and intensity is fully controlled by the midwife and an individual assessment will be carried out to ensure this meets your needs.

The procedure does not require any anaesthesia and most women are able to tolerate even the highest levels. The procedure itself takes around 30 minutes, in total you will have a 45 minute appointment. You may experience some minor cramping and bleeding post treatment but this will settle within 24 hours. You cannot have sexual intercourse for 3 days. Results can be seen immediately and this will be checked post treatment using a pressure test in the vagina, this is painless.

It is recommended to have a minimum of 3 sessions, upto 6 sessions may be required in extreme cases. Results can continue to develop over the next 3-9 months post treatment and can last as long as 5 years. Yearly top ups can be used to help maintain results.


The HIFU vaginal tightening machine can treat the following symptoms and conditions:

Vaginal elasticity

Following childbirth and increased age some women experience changes to their vaginal elasticity and tightness. Vaginal tightening increases sexual pleasure for both the male and female. This can also aid any issues reaching orgasm.


Vaginal dryness

Due to the increased blood circulation to the area, the vagina will start to produce further lubrication which will help to improve any vaginal dryness.


Treatment or urinary incontinence

This treatment can also be used to treat mild bladder incontinence. Following multiple vaginal births and age the bladder may prolapse and the surrounding muscles weaken. The ultrasound technology will tighten these muscles and treat urinary incontinence and it’s symptoms.


Frequent vaginal infections

It is not recommended to have this treatment during an active infection however if you suffer from regular infections such as, thrush, bacterial vaginosis, through the process of increased blood circulation the vagina is provided with increased local immunity protection.


Menopausal symptoms

The HIFU treatment can aid all symptoms of the menopause.


External skin improvement

Due to the stimulation of collagen many patients see an improvement to the external skin parts of the vagina resulting in an improved and tighter appearance.


Lichen Sclerosus treatment

Thinning of the skin tissue, can result in complaints such as burning, itching, stinging may be associated with an autoimmune skin disease which is called as ‘lichen sclerosus’.
The effects of the treatment can improve these symptoms.