Vaginal Tightening Bolton

Vaginal Tightening Bolton

Vaginal Tightening Bolton, Greater Manchester

The Juliet laser machine provides a safe non surgical method of vaginal tightening; both for cosmetic and medical reasons.

The Juliet uses two methods ablation and coagulation for optimal outcomes.

1. During the first method the vaginal walls are vaporised causing the vaginal cells to regenerate and build elastin.
2. Secondly the inner part of the vagina is targeted with a directed heat, causing the muscle to build tone.

Together, these methods are painless and straight forward, you may feel a warm sensation or ‘knocking’ but it is not painful.

The treatment is carried out by an experienced, advanced midwife practitioner. The treatment can be carried out without the need for anesthetic in 30 minutes, and no recovery is needed. You will see results after the first treatment, and individualised packages can be made following a consultation. 3 treatments are recommended for optimum results, 4 weeks apart and 12 monthly top ups if needed.

Vaginal Tightening Can Be Used To Treat:

  • Vaginal dryness/irritation which can be the side effect of post menopause
  • Loose vaginal tissue, following childbirth and as we age the vaginal elasticity can loosen this procedure is proven to tighten vagina for sexual and cosmetic purposes.
  • Urinary incontinence, the treatment can help to strengthen the pelvic floor improving symptoms of stress incontinence.