Tear Trough Fillers Bolton

Tear Trough Fillers In Bolton

Tear Trough Fillers In Bolton, Greater Manchester

Tear troughs are physical hollows under the eyes that cast a shadow that may make you look tired and aged, and are generally harder to cover and reduce than eye bags and dark circles. Tear troughs can be brought on by ageing as the skin in the area becomes thinner and facial fat descends under the eye, casting a shadow across the area.

Tear troughs can also be genetic and also appear in young people, however effective tear trough filler treatment can be used to smooth the area under the eye, lifting and brightening the area.

This treatment is best performed by using dermal fillers that last between 9-20 months, which are completely safe and biodegradable over a period of time.

Tear trough fillers may be something you have considered, but are not sure of the process or if it may be right for you; please feel free to contact Stacey, who will be happy to talk you through it all and provide you any assurances you may need prior to any treatment being done.