Strike Cell Mesotherapy Bolton

Strike Cell Mesotherapy In Bolton

Strike Cell Mesotherapy In Bolton, Greater Manchester

Strike Cell Mesotherapy

Strike Cell is a mesotherapy style cellulite treatment designed to improve the appearance of the areas of the body such as the posterior, legs, and arms. It is used for the treatment of the appearance of cellulite and contains a cocktail of active ingredients including:
Horsetail (Equisetum): Diuretic, remineralising
Artichoke: Detoxifying and diuretic action
Carnitine: Increases lipid catabolism
Caffeine: Activates the tissue lipid catabolism, aiding the reduction of fatty deposits
EDTA: Solubilises and removes the extracellular heavy metals, toxic elements, secondary to the damage of the microcirculation.
Each ingredient in Strike Cell performs a particular function: improving the skins aesthetic appearance, assisting the skins microcirculation and reducing fat.


This course of cellulite-busting injections is given into the deeper layers of the skin; the number of treatments required can vary from 4-6 given at weekly intervals to see the desired results.


Combining Strike Cell Mesotherapy & CelluErase

Strike Cell Mesotherapy is a treatment that targets Cellulite. Cellulite-destroying injections are given into the deeper layers of the skin. Strike-Cell is Specially formulated to assist the microcirculation. This will then help reduce the appearance of cellulite and uneven skin texture as well as reduction in fat. Strike Cell and Celluerase treatments can be combined for the best results.