CelluErase Bolton

CelluErase Treatment Bolton

CelluErase Treatment Bolton, Greater Manchester

Cellulite is the dimpled skin often found around the hips, buttocks, and thighs; it is often described as having an orange peel appearance. Cellulite can affect both men and women, however it is far more common in women, affecting up to 85-90%. Although cellulite is considered normal, some people find it undesirable and seek ways to reduce its appearance.

Youthify are now offering a minimally invasive treatment called CelluErase, that can offer permanent and effective removal of cellulite. The procedure involves using a microblade to sever the fibrous tissue causing the dimply appearance of cellulite under the skin to allow the skin to spring back, resulting in much smoother appearance.



Treatment consists of separating fibrous bands within the cellulite using a specially designed microblade and then injecting a mesotherapy cocktail of StrikeCell; this contains active ingredients such as caffeine, carnitine, EDTA, equisetum and artichoke specifically formulated and scientifically proven to help eliminate cellulite. Results should be visible after one treatment however if cellulite is extensive a second treatment may be required to get desired results. It is advised that to get the maximum effect from the treatment, the StrikeCell is repeated every 5-6 weeks for 5-6 sessions.


What Areas Can Be Treated?

Cellulite is commonly found on buttocks, thighs, and hips, however it can also appear on the abdomen, upper arms and breasts. All these areas can be treated with CelluErase.


Is The Treatment Safe/Painful?

The treatment is very superficial so risks of damage to nerves or vessels is very low. The micro blade used during the procedure is similar in size to an average hypodermic needle and heals in the same way, so no suturing is required after the procedure. Some discomfort is to be expected but local anesthetic is used to carry out the procedure to minimize discomfort.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Following treatment, the area can be red, warm, tender, and swollen for the first few days as part of the healing process. Occasionally there may be some altered sensation, numbness or tingling within the area; this sometimes takes a few days or weeks to settle.

Although the micro blade used is very narrow, occasionally the treatment may result in a tiny scar. Thickened scars, such as hypertrophic or keloid scars, may occur. If you have a tendency for these or have experienced them in the past, it is important that you inform your practitioner at consultation if this is the case. Rarely the treatment may result in scabs, blisters, or vesicles at the treatment site. Pigmentation may occur due to the bruising within the skin; it is important to avoid exposure to UV light until healing is complete.


After Your Treatment

Due to the nature of this treatment, bruising can be extensive and spread beyond the treated area; it can look black or dark purple in appearance. Tenderness of the area is to be expected and can last up to several days.

There will be a degree of bleeding after the procedure; a dressing will be applied and remain in place for 24 hours after the procedure. If bleeding persists after 24 hours, you should contact your practitioner for advice.