Botox Bolton

Botox In Bolton

Botox Injections And Treatments In Bolton, Greater Manchester

Are you looking to restore your youthful complexion? At Youthify Aesthetics we can help. We offer a full range of botox treatments which are carried out by Stacey McGreavy, a registered nurse and experienced aesthetic practitioner, in our Bolton clinic. Our botox treatments are non-invasive and suitable for men and women who are looking to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkle lines.

Our botox injections use the Botulinum toxin which relaxes the muscles under the skin helping to smooth the appearance of lines. Treatment can take as little as 20 minutes and you’ll start to see the effects within 7 – 14 days of your injections. As the effects aren’t permanent, we’d recommend repeat treatments every 4 – 6 months in order to maintain the effects.

With botox consultations starting at £120 our treatments won’t break the bank, but they will help give you more confidence and younger looking skin. During the consultation we’ll discuss the pros and cons of your treatment to help you make an informed decision. All our injections are carried out by an experienced aesthetic practitioner, so you are always in safe hands when you make a booking with Youthify Aesthetics.

What are the causes of wrinkles?

Skin wrinkles happen for a variety of reasons and are often made worse by UV damage caused by the sun or use of sunbeds. Wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process and are most prominent on the face, neck, hands and forearms. While wrinkles are natural, they can be exacerbated by factors such as smoking, repeated facial expressions and your inherited skin type. And, while you can’t change your genetic makeup you certainly can fight the signs of ageing with an botox injection.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is largely pain free, with the exception of mild discomfort from the injection itself. You may notice some soreness in the injection site directly after the treatment, but this should subside quickly. Following treatment, you may have some localised bruising, mild redness and tenderness but this should only last for a couple of days.

Are botox injections safe?

Botulinum toxin has been in medical use for more than four decades. It is administered in such a way that it only affects your muscles. These injections do not reach any other part of the body. As long as it is administered by a qualified medical professional, the risks are minimal. At Youthify Aesthetics all our treatments are carried out by Stacey McGreavy who is a registered nurse and aesthetic practitioner with years of experience.